There are turning points in one’s life that direct us in unexpected ways.

These points (although we may not know it at that moment) are lighthouses on the changing sea of life. We may experience one or more lighthouses in a life time. No matter, they are significant in that moment and to our life journey.

Creating Hilltop Wellness Center has been a Lighthouse for many souls navigating the sea of life. Susan has been “womaning” the beacon for over 27 years. There may be waves of emotion, storms of chaos,  trust in the mystery of the great unknown and /or the purity of stillness. The gratitude of meeting another ship in the night offers our hearts  the space to heal and grow.

One significant Lighthouse for Susan was meeting Grandmother Berniece Falling Leaves in 1987. The year of Harmonic Convergence for those that remember. Susan was taking a Jinshin Jyutsu (acupressure) course in Scottsdale, Arizona. Through a vision Susan received on the plane, she saw a medicine wheel. Susan arrived  unexpectedly on  Berniece’s doorstep to be welcomed by a medicine wheel in her desert yard. Susan felt she had come home. There was something so familial in her relation to Berniece.

Grandmother felt it also and she invited Susan to go to Hopi Land to meet her adopted Grandfather David Monongye, the Hopi spiritual leader. Grandfather told Berniece that she was part of the prophecies and adopted her into his family. Berniece  invited Susan to do a Jinshin Jyutsu session with Grandfather as he had an injury. Susan laid her hands on Grandfather that day and knew there was something greater moving through her. Susan, also, received a healing. Grandfather and his wife and family invited them for a sacred meal and after directed them to go to Prophecy Rock.

Prophecy Rock

Prophecy Rock

Prophecy Rock is the place where the Hopi’s received their visions and prophecies. Susan was moved to put her forehead (third eye) against the rock with her hands touching also. Her forehead opened up to a vision of Grandfather- “I saw his life before me and the power of his influence on healing the Earth by his way of life and values”. In Harmony, Respect, and Balance. Susan was moved to tears of gratitude and knew her life would be different from that day on.”

Earth Medicine is what Grandfather gave to Susan in that moment of that vision. Berniece Falling Leaves later honoured Susan in ceremony as a Hucoule (medicine person). To hear the voices of  Mother Earth whether rock , tree, mountain, flower, animal, bird or insect and to respond and support them as your sister or brother. We are connected. Healing the Earth, we heal ourselves. Healing ourselves we heal the Earth.  With this attitude of respect for all things comes a responsibility to act in integrity.

Hilltop Wellness Center allows an eclectic opportunity for individuals and groups to experience Earth Medicine in a sacred and supportive environment no matter race or religion. Whether it’s receiving a Therapeutic massage, participating in a yoga class or creating ceremony around the fire, the elements  of Earth Medicine are available to receive and embody into our lives .

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