Bernice Falling Leaves

IMG_1072-6Dear Family and Friends,
Bernice Falling Leaves passed away peacefully on Easter Sunday April 5, 2015 with her family and friends by her side. Bunny was her  nickname . How perfect to leave as the Easter Bunny! That was Bernice bringing joy to so many in her lifetime. As many of you know she was one of the main inspirations and influences of my life, and to so many others. I felt I had come home to my soul when I met Bernice. She was a Medicine woman, a Grandmother , a Mother , a Sister , a Wise Woman,  a Healer, a Teacher, and a friend . I  felt the Magic and Miracles of Life when I spent precious time with Bernice. I travelled to Sacred places on the Earth with Bernice doing  ceremonies  to Honour Mother Earth. Bernice was a Guardian of the Earth in the truest sense walking and talking  in authenticity  and respect for all of Life’s creatures. I Love her deeply and will miss our weekly chats in the last many months , having a laugh or sharing her desire to get on with dying so she could  carrying on however. However, has arrived and she is now with her two sons , other family members and her many animal pets  on the other side, smiling with the greatest of joy.
Ginger and I went for a walk yesterday after the news and I shared my heart prayers with her and she sent us a rainbow in the sunset, 5 moose (3 were a mother and twins of which Bernice also had twins and she had 5 children) a grouse (spiral dance of life ) Ginger found , a beautiful Great Gray Owl which I often connected to Bernice and 10 deer which felt like all her helpers. It was a very healing walk and I came home elated with so much Gratitude for all the gifts she has shared with me over 29 years. My Hope is that I may continue to share these gifts with my family , friends  and community for the rest of my years and make a difference for Mother Earth and Honour the Angels ( Bernice) that are watching over us.
Blessings to our Ancestors.
Thank you for your Ancient Wisdom.



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