About Susan O’Shea

Susan O'SheaFrom a young age Susan recalls the power of dreams, visions and telepathic communion with animals and nature.

“I always believed there were alternative states of Being and from these states, healing and transformation was possible.”

Following my dreams ( many dream journals) I have been guided on an extraordinary life that has been blessed with extraordinary people , animals and Beings. I have climbed sacred mountains in Peru, slept in holy places in Glastonbury, England, swam with Humpback whales in the Atlantic, offered healing to the Hopi Spiritual leader at 107 years old in the desert of Arizona, walked the ancient medicine wheel in Majorville, Alberta, and lived beside the beautiful Elbow River in Bragg Creek, Alberta for 27 years.

In communion with like minded adventurers we created the Earth Medicine Co-op in the 1980’s. It was based on the Native American teachings of the medicine wheel as taught by Bernice Falling Leaves and other teachers. The focus was on healing ourselves and healing the earth.

For 13 years Susan also honoured the teachings of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess archetypes through women’s circles and a workshop facilitated with Tracey Grams on Whaling Women.

Hilltop Wellness Centre evolved from Susan’s stewardship with the land in Bragg Creek and in living in harmony beside the Elbow River. Retreats, seminars, workshops, medicine wheel ceremonies, sweat lodge, drumming circles, teepees were all part of the early days of the Hilltop. Today Susan continues her work as a Therapist, Healer, Hucoule (medicine person), and Yoga Teacher (Hatha, Restorative, Kundalini)

Susan grounds a nurturing, supportive space for individuals (one on one), classes (yoga,meditation,chanting, pranayam), or for Healing ceremonies to feel that alternative zone where healing and transforming energies are felt and honored. From this place, truth and compassion emerge as a unified sense of consciousness.


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