20141029_164848Ceremony is a focused time to honour a specific event in someone’s life or death .We also have ceremonies over religious, political, natural cycles, historical, the list goes on. Ceremony is a vital part of our life cycles on this Earth. It brings together the community to witness or mark a time. In witnessing we give power, recognition and respect.  There is also a feeling of completion from one cycle to the next.

Susan has been an active ceremonialist for over 25 years. Honouring the natural cycles of the equinoxes, solstices, moon and planets has been Susan’s main focus. She has facilitated death rituals, women’s rites of passage, weddings, birthdays, divorce rituals and personal and planetary healing ceremonies.

If there is an event, an experience or circumstance that you would like support in honouring with a ceremony please contact Susan.

In the ceremony, I honour the person’s believes and customs to co-create an experience that works of them.