Susan’s bodywork training after post-secondary was at the Institute of Essential Integration in California, the Mount Royal College in Calgary, and at the Upledger Institute based in Florida, with continuing courses and certification in all areas. Susan’s first Energy medicine training was in Reiki when she was 25 year old. She was trained with Phyllis Furumoto (the granddaughter of the Master Furumoto). Integrative Body Psychotherapy, Conflict Resolution and Family Constellations have been Susan’s main influences in the counselling area. Susan is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC). Her treatments can be claimed in Healthcare insurance.

Susan offers 5 different sessions which can be mixed and matched for each person’s needs.

  • Sessions are 1 hour or 1 1/2 hour
  • Inspirational cards and readings shared when appropriate
  • Counselling support acknowledged when needed
  • Flower essences offered when appropriate
  • Aromatherapy and inspiring music part of each session

1. CranioSacral Session (trained at the Advanced Level)

clients dress: clothes on

This is a gentle touch that connects to the cerebral spinal fluid of the brain. The c.s.fluid flows from the brain along the spinal cord and affects the nervous system. Freeing up restrictions in the nervous system alleviates a range of illness, pain and dysfunction, including headaches, neck and back pain, motor coordination, stress related issues, infantile disorders, brain trauma and spinal cord injuries, chronic fatigue, emotional difficulties, CNS disorders, TMJ, PTSD, learning difficulties, orthopaedic problems, scoliosis and many other conditions. Also, offered at the end of a therapeutic massage. More information on craniosacral is available on the Upledger website

2. Therapeutic Massage

clients dress : minimal

An eclectic blend of deep tissue release and relaxation,Trager (gentle movement), Reflexology (trigger points on the feet connecting  to points on the body) and CranioSacral. This is a popular treatment that gives the client touch and deep relaxation with therapeutic benefits. Specific areas or overall focus depending on concerns. Good for whatever ails!

3. Jin Shin Jyutsu  (translation: The cosmic art of knowing myself)

Clients dress: clothes on

Mary Burmeister brought Jin Shin to America from Master Murai in Japan. I was taught by Mary. Additional information can be found at:

A gentle touch. The hands are like jumper cables on certain acupressure points. Different organ flows are treated depending on what the pulses tell the practitioner or the client. Great alternative if someone wants acupuncture but doesn’t like the needles.

4. Hurley/ Osborn Technique 

Clients dress: medical gown

Dr. Osborn practiced sixty years in Canada. Pat Henderson was one of his students and Pat was my teacher. There is a website for more info .

A gentle spinal realignment resulting in the release of physical strain and fatigue. There are precise points located along the gluteal muscles that are calculated to encourage the body to realign itself. Contact along points on the sacrum, spine, neck and shoulders release the ligaments and muscular tensions in those areas. This allows the bones to shift back into a neutral position. For those who aren’t comfortable with chiropractors and /or have tried everything and still have back neck, spine problems.

5. Reflexology

Clients dress: clothes on….socks off!

I was taught by Albert Aris of the Wildrose College in Calgary. The foot is a map of the body (and the hands and the ears) .Through applying pressure on the points that correspond to points on the body a person will experience releases and relaxation. Great for someone who doesn’t like massage but wants some touch. Good for seniors.
Is also part of the therapeutic massage.

Please inquire for a complete price list for all services


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