Raven’s Animal Care

Communication Sessions

After the loss of one of Susan’s cats Raven (a black cat), she began to get more serious about communing with animals for others.. Raven had a lot to say to Susan and it was very important. Raven returned 4 months later as a 105 lb. German Shepherd named Bentley. Raven wanted to be able to travel with Susan in the truck so coming back as a dog made it so much easier. OIMG_0997ur animals are often with us again and again through a lifetime. Some feel they are part of our family.

Jerri Ryan from Berkley, California was the main guide for Susan’s approach to communication with animals . Jerri taught a Basic level and then a Wild animal level. Penelope Smith wrote a book on Animal Communication and she was Jerri’s teacher.

Through a meditative process Susan communicates telepathically with your animal. Concerns include injury, illness or behavioural. It could be about a lost animal or supporting your elderly pet through his or her final stages of life and honouring the animals needs.

Other ways of supporting may include :

1. Flower essences (support the emotional body)

2. Bodywork – T-touch (Tellington Jones Technique) massage, CranioSacral, Healing Touch or Reiki
Most animals appreciate healing touch (they let you know if they don’t !)

3. Honouring Ceremony for your pet during dying phase and/or after.

Requirements for a communication consult: an email with a photo and a list of the questions of concerns for your pet.

Contact Susan for cost of a session.

2014-06-07 20.52.37-1

Final note : After 11 profound years with Bentley he returned again as a Black dog from the Reserve. Through a wild journey in the beginning Benny Bear found the loving couple who would be his new family and mine, too. Amber and Chris are the angels that I have reunited with in this life, again.The mysteries are still unfolding and Benny Bear is orchestrating that from a Higher place now.


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