Yoga …….Sanskrit meaning : to join together, union

The Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica has been one of the main schools that Susan has trained with for Hatha, Restorative and Yoga Dance . Susan’s teachers include Don and Amba Stapleton, Jane Fryer and Meghan Nancy Buttenheim. Sat Dharam Kaur was Susan’s teacher for Kundalini and the Beyond Addiction (a yogic path to recovery) course taught in Canmore, Alberta. Susan has 700 hours of training , certifications and is a member of Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance allows one the privilege of being able to teach anywhere in the world. Presently, Susan subs Hatha and Restorative classes for Yoga Within the Heart of Bragg Creek. She teaches Kundalini yoga classes also at that studio,  teaches in Cochrane, and at her studio at Hilltop. Susan also teaches one on one classes and is presently working with a senior in Calgary guiding in Restorative and Self Awakening.
Options: Class or Individual

All yoga embraces  the practice of pranayama  (breathing) , stretch and strengthening movements (asanas or kriyas), and meditation (stillness or chanting ).These components  are crucial in yoga to receive the balance of mindfulness.

Hatha Yoga Forest1. Hatha (The Balance between Sun And Moon in Sanskrit……right and left sides of the body): Beginner’s, Gentle Flow, Yin
Some challenge: stamina, strength and flexibility.
Focuses on the postures and alignment through breath and intention. Includes sitting, twisting, lying down and standing postures. For additional information on Hatha yoga please visit the Nosara Yoga Institute or Yoga Within the Heart

2. Restorative: 
Great for Beginner’s, Seniors, Injuries or ailments. Most postures are done on the floor with supportive boosters and blocks depending on one’s need. Focus on the breath to allow the body to slow down and feel peace.  A supportive, relaxing and reflective class allowing inner space to Be .

Self Awakening yoga (taught by Don Stapleton) is a movement therapy  that teaches the mind to focus on physical sensations through movement . These movements are based on early developmental stages of our lives and are the primary forms of yoga . It is experienced on the floor.  Another supportive restorative practice.

Kundalini Yoga Bragg Creek3. Kundalini (as taught by Yogi Bhajan):
Some challenge….go at one’s pace.
Called the yoga of awareness. Has a set protocol for each class which includes Pranayama (breathing exercises),  Kriyas (physical postures) and meditation( stilling the mind) or chanting.  Kundalini builds strength and vitality for many of our systems especially the Central Nervous  System. The chanting connects us to the Endrocrine System balancing the glands and hormones preventing us from disease and promoting calm and Stillness. Enhances intuition and cultivates our spiritual potential. For more information on Kundalini yoga please visit Kundalini Research Institute, Sat Dharam Kaur or Yoga Peru

Beyond Addiction  :  a yogic philosophy to overcoming repetitive patterns. ( Sat Dharam Kaur and Dr Gabor Mate creators) It is a 16 week course or  there are 10 day intensives too. Beneficial for individuals desiring to move beyond issues with any addictive behaviour…, drugs sex, tobacco , alcohol, attitudes etc. Balances mind, body, and spirit.

4. Sadhana
It is meditative practise in Kundalini that begins with a shorter class structure then continues for and 1 1/2 hours of chanting in a specific sequence as designed by Yogi Bhajan. A beautiful practice usually done at 4am or 4pm for 2 1/2 hours.

5. Yoga Dance
Open to all. No dance experience necessary
Fun way to dance the Chakras and listen to good music and feel community . A  movement meditation and ecstatic ritual.


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